Thursday, May 21, 2015

Faux News: Study Shows Broad Support for Higher Taxes on Other People

VALLEY HILLS (Faux News): A groundbreaking new study shows that Americans overwhelmingly believe that government should protect the public good by imposing higher taxes on other people.

According to Antonia Comstock of Comstock Opinion Research, a nationally representative sample was conducted of 35,721 adults interviewed by telephone, on both cellphones and landlines. Comstock Opinion Research asked the respondents questions about what whether higher taxes were desirable and, if so, on whom.

One respondent said, "We need higher taxes to maintain the high quality of services to which we're entitled. I can't pay more because my budget is stretched as it is, but for other taxpayers, I just know that it'll be no problem."

Another said, "The state needs to keep current revenue levels, and with the tax refund that I'm going to get because of the recent court decision, that money has to come from somewhere."

Respondents in the District of Columbia cited two injustices that our nation's capital faces: taxation without representation and the lack of power to impose a commuter tax.

"This study," Comstock said, "shows an increased maturity among Americans in recognizing that the collective good of the collective whole requires that someone else make sacrifices."