Monday, January 27, 2014

Today's vocabulary word: majoritarianism

majoritarianism, n. the belief that since people lack the intelligence, responsibility, or moral authority to run their own lives, we need the same people to elect a government to run everyone's life, including the lives of majoritarians

Sunday, January 5, 2014

How dare you notice that what happened happened!

Sometimes, when discussing a subject that someone takes as faith-based — typically religion or either left-wing or right-wing political correctness — I bring up an inconvenient fact that contradicts that person's views. If the offended party cannot show that I am wrong or even that I have cherry-picked the facts, that person may instead shout me down for having had the temerity to point it out. Apparently, I am sometimes not even allowed to point out that a person has said or done the very thing for which that person expects humanity's gratitude. I've seen it happen with a Team-Red-bot on a gaffe by George H. W. Bush, with a radfem on transphobia, and with believers in various religions on many topics.

Today's vocabulary term: circular logic

circular logic, n. phr. the best kind of logic, since it always gives exactly the result that the person using it wants