Monday, November 22, 2010

Stuff gay men supposedly like: 12. Referring to one another using feminine pronouns

Yes, that's what we all do, while listening to Minnie Ripperton on the eight-track players of our AMC Gremlins on our way to macramé class. Do you think you could use some stereotypes from this millennium? Not all of us miss what it was like to be gay in the seventies.


Anonymous said...

I used to think that calling each other "Mary" was something that only old fags did until I went to live in San Fran and found that gays still do it. Ugh!

The Heterodox Homosexual said...

Yowzah. Even here, people don't do that anymore, and D.C. has a reputation for being behind the times.

Anonymous said...

The other thing that disgusts me is how they call their non-sexual friends "sister." Shudder.