Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Theocracy when it suits me

Statists of both the left and the right often justify their statism by attributing it to their God. If we ignore the little detail that America is not a theocracy, we still have the difficulty that theocrats across the board tend to cite only those religious beliefs that suit them. For example, left-wing theocrats pound on the Biblical teachings of love and mercy while ignoring the thou-shalt-nots, while right-wing theocrats do the opposite.

Theocrats of all stripes assume that once church and state are united, it is their church that will prevail. They also believe with perfect faith that God agrees with them on everything and therefore worship competing Christs who would scarcely recognize one another. Finally, they resolve the difficulty of wildly differing "Christian" political views by accusing anyone who disagrees with them of not being a true Christian at all.

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