Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Your body, your right to choose, but only when I so choose (2)

The radfem blog GenderTrender has taken a stab at explaining just what's so wrong about paying women for their eggs:
Co-producers even- in the generation of new knowlege”. Riggght. When no women agree to “partnering” with researchers unless they are paid $8,000, that is not a “partnership”. It is economic exploitation and unethical medical experimentation targeting the most vulnerable humans: impoverished females.
(Emphasis in the original.)

Now let's break this down. First, it may well be that no women agree unless they are paid $8,000, but how does that prove exploitation? Patent attorneys typically don't work unless they can get high salaries, so I guess that patent attorneys are cruelly exploited. The law of supply and demand cannot enter into either situation, since every right-thinking person knows that the law of supply and demand is a right-wing myth.

Second, the paragraph refers to "the most vulnerable humans: impoverished females." Yet again, we see that poor women are too stupid to make choices over their own bodies and particularly their own reproductive systems, so people of our social class, daahling, have to make those choices for them.

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