Friday, July 19, 2013

Same-sex marriage and freedom of association (2)

I have previously noted some philosophical reasons why we should allow marriage equality and freedom of assocation to coexist rather than allow either of them to trump the other. I now want to point out a more practical reason, namely, that by fighting against freedom of association, we are giving the 'phobes an unnecessary PR victory.

People are already pointing to antidiscrimination lawsuits against bakers and the like as evidence that we are not seeking only the right to live our own lives, but also the power to dictate others' lives. We thus feed the myth of individual liberty as a zero-sum game, i.e., one in which our gains are automatically someone else's losses. We also run the risk of looking like hypocrites for demanding freedom of association for ourselves but no one else.


Ray E. said...

I understand your point. Where I get muddled is "Freedom of Association" "Anti-Discrimination" and "Public Access" Laws. The laws exist. Christian businesses denying service to gay couples differs how, from Muslim taxi drivers denying service to wine or dog carriers?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much self-hatred it takes for you to be okay with discrimination against yourself and other homosexuals under the guise of "freedom of association" or "freedom of religion". They are an excuse for bigotry, and you are pathetic.

The Heterodox Homosexual said...

Anonymous: Feel free to call me names and to speculate about my inner life, but neither of those is a cogent argument.