Saturday, September 25, 2010

More on HIV

A study by the CDC purports to show that 19% of men who have sex with men in major cities are infected with HIV. While I have commented before on the difficulty of such studies, we should still be alarmed over the spread of HIV.

While we need education on how to avoid HIV exposure, this is a perfect example of the basic truth that "necessary" does not mean "necessary and sufficient." People know the dangers of barebacking -- just as we know the dangers of smoking, not eating enough vegetables, eating too much of everything else, and texting while driving -- and yet many people do all of those things anyway. Instead of just scolding people, and therefore being tuned out, HIV educators should address the reasons why people bareback.

Also, we should look to privately funded solutions. Since the Reagan administration, government funding on HIV prevention has shortchanged men who have sex with men. We must ensure that HIV education is evidence-based rather than conservative-P.C.

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