Thursday, January 20, 2011

Liberals and the white working class, or: How to make enemies and influence people to hate you

We've long seen a disconnect between liberals and the European-American working class. Liberals' responses to that disconnect seem to fall into the following categories:

  • Willful ignorance as to whether there even is a white working class;
  • Ridicule of the notion that the white working class could possibly have any valid interests;
  • A patronizing attitude that those rednecks are too stupid to know what their interests are and have let the big bad right hoodwink them, so we coastal talking heads, who of course know everything, have to tell them what's what; and
  • Attributing it all to racism.

I have even seen left-leaning protesters taunt member of the white working class with the sort of slurs that the protesters themselves would denounce as hate speech if directed at anyone else.

So how has that been working out for the left? How did they think it would work out for them?

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