Friday, January 14, 2011

Radical feminists' shift in emphasis

It used to be that radfems defined themselves primarily by their fanatical hatred of gay men, porn, and, when they had the time, BDSM. That was evidently the reason for their about-face on monogamy, which was something else that they hated until it proved to be a convenient club with which to beat gay men.

Now, however, the eternal verities have shifted. Radfems define themselves primarily by their fanatical hatred of transgendered people, porn, and, when they have the time, BDSM. Of course, some truly dedicated haters hate all of the above plus gay men.

Nonetheless, two things remain constant. First, like the religious right, they define themselves by whom and what they hate. Second, their objects of hatred overlap heavily with those of the religious right.

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