Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Orwell was a prophet.

Ryan Sorba, not content to try to lead America into the thirteenth century, is trying to rebrand LGBT people. As described here,
The first step for Christian conservatives to win the war against the gay movement is to rebrand the terms, said a few panelists at this weekend’s The Awakening conference at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.

“‘Gay’ is a left-wing socio-political construct designed to create grounds for fundamental rights [based on] whimsical capricious desires,” said Ryan Sorba, chairman of the Young Conservatives of California. “Gay identity does not exist.”

Sorba proposed alternatives to the word “gay,” which received approval by a unanimous show of hands by the 40-some audience members:

•“Same-sex attraction”
•“Same-sex intercourse”
•“Unnatural vice”

Later in the discussion, it was suggested that gays should also be referred to as “anti-Christian.”
Deliberately impoverishing a language to promote an anti-freedom ideology doesn't sound at all familiar, now does it? We see yet again that the left has no monopoly on political correctness.

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