Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We've made a slight change to tonight's Two Minutes Hate.

Remember when radical feminists seemed to spend every waking moment scrutinizing gay men's lives to find new things of which to disapprove? In particular, they regarded both gay men's supposed bigotry in choosing partners and gay male sexual liberation as moral enormities on the scale of the Inquisition.

But that was then, and this is now. Since the radfems have shifted the object of their hatred from gay men to transgendered people, at least one radfem blog now takes a slightly different approach to gay male sexuality in a post that mocks transgendered people:
First we have the big upset “Is gay male GPS site for casual hook-ups Grindr banning FTM profiles???” FTM accounts for casual sex hook-ups with gay men ... are being flagged by the gay men as spam! Well what a surprise there. How transphobic for gay males ....

* * *

Second we have the pressing issue (lol see what I did there) about whether a female who not-so-coincidentally-appears-female was discriminated against by being ejected from a windy city (that’s Chicago, yo) gay male bar’s “basement party space” because the gay men didn’t realize the female woman “felt like a male” on the inside and was there to have some hot gay male action with her inner self .... Haaaaaattttte Crimmmmeeee!!!!
I've edited out some of the saltier bits (do they worship their goddess using language like that?), but my point remains: Now that they've found a new group of people to hate, they've had to do a 180 on their previous set of eternal verities to accommodate that hatred.

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