Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Carl Paladino does Gay Pride Day.

I'll grant that Gay Pride Day doesn't always offer the same level of wholesome family entertainment as, say, bestiality porn, but Carl Paladino has gone off of the deep end. Mr. Paladino is the latest conservative Christian Republican to "stumble on" a pride parade and be shocked, shocked, at what he sees there.

First, how does one stumble on a pride parade? I grant that Toronto may be different from any of the cities in which I have participated in such parades, but in my experience, the parade sites are a royal pain to get to. That alone makes me want to call bullshit.

Second, he seems to have paid an awful lot attention to the antics of the Speedo-wearers. I love how these bastions of morality pay far more attention to gay male sexuality than does any gay man I know.

His defenders in the comments section are equally loopy. Their Bible-based defense of his position on homosexuality takes cherry-picking to new depths. What does the Bible say about adultery? Don't tell me what your pastor says about the spirit of Christ's message; only a direct quotation from the King James Bible will do. Also, what would Jesus do if someone forwarded bestiality porn to him?

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Travis said...

Well as far as Toronto Pride goes the parade does go right through downtown, so in theory he could have encountered it unexpectedly. But given the street closures and huge crowds that it draws "stumbled" doesn't seem like the right discrpition. You have to jockey for position to get a good view of the parade.

As for the speedo wearers, he likely probably caught a glimps of the swim club's float and was so fixated that he didn't see anything else. Either that or ran screaming.

I've always wondered why these holier than thou types aren't similarly horrified by all the scantily clad women who parade down the street at events like Caribana.