Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stuff gay men supposedly like: 10. Emotional detachment

We all know that gay men have perfectly self-contained emotional lives, free from the emotional neediness affecting other human beings and the ensuing drama.

And the earth is flat.

Meanwhile, back in real life, many gay men have an alarming tendency to become emotional limpets. If you commit the sin of helpfulness or simple politeness, you may end up adding to your collection of stalkers.

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Fabio Antonio Pabon Marquez. Curandero tango.. said...

Jesus did not committed a crime so awful that he had to be punished the way he was punish, and to die the way he did, and for what? he never did any thing!! it is common sense!! The old testament punished homosexuality by death, that's way they killed Jesus!! like I said, it is common sense!!