Monday, October 4, 2010

Evangelical Protestants and divorce

A few more thoughtful Christians are waking up to the hypocrisy of demanding action on homosexuality while winking at divorce, which the Bible also condemns. Nonetheless, in my experience, rank-and-file Christians largely refuse to recognize their doublethink and show little interest in walking the talk.

When I raise the issue of divorce, Catholics either change the subject or scream that they are being persecuted. Non-Catholic Christians creatively rewrite the Bible passages on divorce until they bear no resemblance to the words on paper, or even deny Biblical inerrancy on the matter. Of course, one must never do the same on homosexuality.

This perfectly illustrates the first rule of religion: The Word of God, correctly interpreted, always backs up whatever the person interpreting it wanted to believe anyway. A corollary of the first rule of religion is that rules are for other people. As for how they can get away with it, the second rule of religion holds that believers are saved by the blood of Jesus (or their deity of choice) from ever having the burden of proof.

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