Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crystal Cathedral bans homosexuality in choir

From this:
The Crystal Cathedral in Southern California has taken the surprising step of asking its choir members to model a biblical lifestyle, which would include abstaining from homosexual behavior.

* * *

In a statement Tuesday regarding the covenant, Crystal Cathedral Senior Pastor Sheila Schuller Coleman said dialogue over "reconciling love and adherence to God's Word" has led to a number of people being hurt.
So is Senior Pastor Sheila Schuller Coleman going to adhere to the word of her God on the role of women in church? After, all, we wouldn't want people to think that she's a cafeteria Christian. Oh, but ... all together now ... that's different!

Then again, I'd love to see more queer people stop trying to gain the acceptance of churches and similar institutions that make such a huge point of not accepting us and withdraw the sanction of the victim from such institutions. For one thing, it would be fun to watch homophobic churches lose so many gay choir members and organists.

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