Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gays and African-Americans in Maryland

This article says some of the same things that I've been saying for a while. We shouldn't take African-American support for granted, and we should focus on the undecided rather than on true believers.

Nonetheless, the author also states the following:
There must also be more willingness among proponents of LGBT rights to engage in supporting issues that are important to blacks, Latinos, Asian Pacific Islanders and other social issues, (e.g. education reform, immigration, job creation and training, etc.). Several black elected officials, as well as communities of color in general, have grown tired of the narrow agenda that has been presented to them by some LGBT organizations.
Has Queen Carlotta declared backwards day again? This assertion, besides being weasel-worded, comes close to being the exact opposite of the truth. We're the ones who are obsessed with racial and ethnic inclusiveness, sometimes to the self-parodying extremes of excluding those who cannot provide the right tokens and of downplaying our own agenda to placate others (including those "Asian Pacific Islanders").

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Anonymous said...

The can of worms known as group identity politics sure stinks.