Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Political correctness means always having to say you're sorry.

In the endless and vitally important quest to find new things of which to disapprove, may I present the latest form of -ist, -centric, -phobic, and -archal oppression, namely, school integration. From this article:
White teachers were entrusted with the assimilation process of the black student population. Black children assimilated into this culture based on the normative practices of white aesthetics and Heteronormativity.

The integrated functions of oppression within the newly formed education system created a platform for black oppression and suppression of sexual identity. Black children had to forsake their ethnic pride (adopt the character of a white person) for any chance of social mobility. The Brown vs. the Board of Education streamlined assimilation of black children within the white culture, opened the narrow door of economic mobility, and provided a platform for white supremacy aesthetics in the hiring process of black teachers and the development of the young black mind. For a chance at economic upward mobility gay black teachers and students were forced to hide their true identity. What unfolds when these identities are elements of one person?
So it's official: No conceivable state of affairs can escape politically correct censure. Note also the association of heteronormativity with European-American culture, since we all know that it was completely unknown among African-Americans.

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