Monday, January 25, 2010

Queer stock characters that need to be retired

  • The guy who finds the great love of his life, dumps him for no reason at all, and then whines about inability to find the great love of his life. This goes double if the character proceeds to be more virtuous than thou to the other characters.
  • Someone who is more virtuous than thou, only to be revealed as a hypocrite. We got it the first 950 times.
  • A troll with no redeeming characteristics whatsoever. Why couldn't the not so attractive guy be a leading local LGBT activist or the like?
  • Christians, unless either experience or research qualifies you to say something about Christians or Christianity.
  • The Magical Negro and the Magical Negro's buddies, the Magical Lesbian and the Magical Jew.
  • A lesbian who is a professor in the humanities, especially women's studies. Just to spice things up, why not have a lesbian physics professor now and then? Besides, it's not as though all gay men were bricklayers.
  • A gay man who, in some completely unexplained way, has limitless financial resources.

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