Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why believe in things that make it tough on you? (2)

As I've noted before, people who complain that a religious organization regards them as inferior for being LGBT or female, yet remain in that religious organization and presumably even throw something into the collection plate, give the sanction of the victim to that organization. More people should follow the example set by these men and withdraw that sanction.

The article states:

Leaders of three D.C. Christian churches with mostly gay congregations have called on gay members of churches such as Greater Mount Calvary to consider joining their congregations.
Doing so would seem to be more productive than remaining within an anti-gay church and hoping to reform it from within. If more such churches were susceptible to modernization from within, there would be far fewer such churches.

It would be better still if people disaffected by their churches reconsidered God-belief altogether. Nonetheless, in our religion-crazed society, half a loaf is certainly better than none.

Finally, churches like Greater Mount Calvary also provide a glaring example of irony, in that they demand literal adherence to the Bible, but only on certain issues, of which homosexuality always seems to be one. In my experience in talking with people who think that way, they suddenly become quiet when reminded of what the Bible says about slavery. Selective Biblical absolutism is not Biblical absolutism at all.

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