Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fabulous queer dating tip #9: If at first you don't succeed, be a sore loser.

Let's say that he rejects your advances. I have no idea why anyone would, but let's just say he does. Since stalking isn't for everyone, an alternative is to be a big baby about it. One possibility is to shower him with insults; who has ever failed to respond favorably to that? Another is to play the race card or, more generally, to suggest that not being attracted to you is a moral failure. Never mind that you're not attracted to everyone else; everyone else still has a moral duty to be attracted to you. If that doesn't make sense to people, then their failure to grasp it is another moral failure. See how it works? After all, they should look past appearances to the inner you; no, you should not consider the possibility that the inner you is what drives them away.

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