Monday, June 14, 2010

A movement, not a market?

Many people deplore corporate sponsorship of events like Gay Pride, saying that the gay-rights movement is "a movement, not a market." That saying begs the question, since it presupposes that those two categories are mutually exclusive. Indeed, I believe that the movement and the market complement each other.

If we give up one power that we actually have in this society, what can we expect in return, other than a politically correct pat on the head? Since market forces have so far outrun big government in recognizing our worth, why should we not take advantage of that fact? Should we cultivate allies or alienate them?

Finally, some people maintain that the very concept of LGBT empowerment inherently includes a bias against the private sector. When I ask why, they give me that all-purpose scathing rebuttal known as pretending not to have heard the question.

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