Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just what we need, more prohibition

While politicians can waffle endlessly on the real issues, they can move at light speed to create yet another victimless crime. The latest matter on which the nanny statists feel called to protect us from ourselves is a new drug called "spice," which includes synthetic cannabinoids. While I do not care to try it, I understand the difference between what isn't a good idea and what should be outlawed. Moreover, while it can undoubtedly be dangerous to some people if abused, so can many if not most things in stores.

The Washington Post, which is seldom if ever dismissed for its libertarian bias, has quoted a voice of reason on the subject:
Eidinger, who is also known locally as an advocate for D.C. statehood, said banning spice would simply push it underground. He also said that laws criminalizing cannabis have driven people to use the murky alternative.
Indeed. When are people going to learn the obvious lesson from past forms of prohibition?

On second thought, maybe spice is so heinous that it should be banned. Let's discuss the matter over drinks and cigarettes, shall we?

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