Friday, February 4, 2011

Stuff gay men supposedly like: 16. Individual liberty

You'd think that this would be a given, and for a while it was. Then we made a Faustian bargain with the government-worshiping politically correct crowd. Not only did we thereby alienate some of our natural allies, but also, back in the golden age of politically correct silliness, I even heard some LGBT activists downplay or even dismiss the importance of reforming sodomy laws, of all things.

Of course, all of that adoration of big government automatically follows from LGBT liberation. No, you may not ask how; it just does.

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Anonymous said...

A few centuries ago when I lived in London - really 1968 - a couple of us hippie fags decided to open a place for other fags to hang out in Notting Hill. We were all pretty individualistic and non-conformist and would nowadays be called libertarian but the joint was soon taken over by a bunch of bossy socialist queens - and I've watched it go downhill from there into the hive mentality of the modern "gay liberation movement."